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The Promise (2000)

Written On My Heart
Eric Foster White, Stephanie Lewis

Thinking how it might have been
If you had never walked into my life
I would have been nothing
Without you where would I be

Every moment used to feel
Like living through a cold and starless night
But everything's changing
Everything is feeling right

You gave me your love
Lifted me up
Now I'm looking at forever
When I never thought I'd ever see that far
You - you're in my soul
Wherever I go
Now I know right from the start
Your love was
Written on my heart

How could I have been so blind
When you were always here so near to me
And there is no other
Who knows me the way
I feel you do

You were waiting all the time
For me to come around and finally see
The love I was missing
There you were right beside me
Always beside me


You made it so easy
Your love brought out the best in me and
You are my light and my truth
I've found my destiny in you


Your love was
Written on my heart

You're forever
Written on my heart

God Is In This Place
Phil Sillas, Stephanie Lewis

I need to say
That God is in this place
And God is right by your side
You need to know
That anywhere you go
Just by faith his love will abide

The moment could be
Here and now
When you need
Someone to be there
I'm telling you he's reaching out
With love beyond compare
And he knows your soul
And he knows your heart
Knows everything you are


Everyone stumbles
Gets lost along the way
But his mercy comes raining down
With his amazing grace
'Cause all that you need
Is just to believe
He's waiting to set you free


The Promise
Phil Sillas, Stephanie Lewis

I know that lately
Things have been so hard
and looking out
Through your broken heart
All you can see is dark
And lonely days ahead
But remember Jesus said

He knows every star in the sky
Every single tear that you cry
His love is here faithful and alive
I know that this world can be cold
In his arms you're never alone
That's his promise to you and I

When hope had disappeared
And you heart aches
You might not recognize
The touch of grace
But on the other side
Of every dying dream
His love is waiting patiently


With every angel there's a love
That never leaves your side
His love is deeper than the ocean
Or a mountain high
You've got to know
There's hope in your heart
And if you listen with your heart
I know you'll hear him say
You are my child and I am with you
Each and everyday
He is the one who knows your soul


That's the promise for you and I

My Life
Louis E. Brown, Scott Parker

Wanna go with me?
Do I have to wear
A Shirt and tie?
We can take a limousine
But everybody there will
Ask us why!
Ain't nothin' wrong
We can have
A little fun and play
As longs as we never forget
How to stop and pray!

If you've been set
On partying 'til your head is numb
Betta not forget
That the party is when the
Kingdom comes!
Come on and dance
All your troubles away
And look thru the
Windows of heaven
It's not too late

My life
It's your life
Don't wanna get it wrong
It's time to get it right
My life
It's your life
Need to make a change
Time for saving
My life

I was a mess
But that was all before
I told him yes!
Now it's all good
'Cause everyone in his will
Is blessed
Just let him take
All your troubles away
Look thru the
Windows of heaven
It's not too late


Don't wanna wait too long
It might be too late


Soul Tattoo
Robert Palmer, Ty Lacy

I just know that I've never felt like this
And I know it's because
You exist in my life
Like hope shining bright
Through the stormy skies

And that's why i could
Never turn away from you
I'd be some kind of fool
To think I could lose your love
You know that's
Something I can't do

'Cause you're the answer
To the questions
The reason to the rhyme
You're the rhythm to my heart
When it beats out of time
I'm so thankful, Lord
That you are mind
It's true that you
Are my soul tattoo

Lord, you know
All that I want to do
Is to spend my life loving you
It's your love time and again
That pulls me through
And I want to say thank you


Etched on my soul
Your love is so true
In Your arms forever
Stamped forever
Here in my soul


I Will Rescue You
Savan Kotecha

When your days are dark
And your nights are cold
When you've just about
Lost all your faith
When your will is gone
And your heart is torn,
'Cause nothing is going your way
When the world has
Got you trapped
And you can find that open door
If you're ever in a battle,
and you just can't fight no more

I will rescue you
I will rescue you
I will shelter you from the rain
I will dry your tears
Cast away your fears
And bring you to brighter days
Whenever you're lost and confused
Like a fairy tale come true
I will rescue you

If you ever feel
That you can't go on
When your life just
Becomes too hard
And the dreams you thought
Were within your reach
Suddenly seem so far
When the world is on your case,
And you don't have
A place to run
If the storm keeps getting stronger
And you cannot see the sun


And it don't matter where you are,
i'll be by your side
I'll be the rock that you can lean on
I'll be your guide


Just reach for me
And I will rescue you

When Your Spirit Gets Weak
Reed Ventelney, Martin Kember, Amy Powers

We beg to borrow
We beg to steal
We beg forgiveness
We beg to feel
We beg for love
I guess we beg for hate
We beg for everything
And pray it's not too late

What everybody's tryna' feel
I guess we're tryna' heal
Everybody's got to kneel
No way to reinvent the wheel
Everybody's got to
Stand up on their feet
Everybody needs a dream
When the spirit gets too weak

So when you're spirit gets too weak
When the water seems too deep
When you think there's just no way
I'll be there for you night and day
When the mountain
Seems too steep
When your spirit gets too weak
When you thinks there's just no way
I'll be there for you night and day

We beg for happiness
We beg for tears
We beg for courage
Just to overcome our fears
We beg to rise above
And hope we never fall
We beg for everything
And pray he hears our call

What everybody's tryna' feel
I guess we're tryna' heal
Everybody's got to kneel
No way to reinvent the wheel
Everybody's got to go
Stand up on their feet
Gotta be there for your brother
When the spirit gets too weak


Although the road is rough
And sometimes you feel
Like it ain't enough
We'll be there for each other
We'll find the way


Last Flight Out

I'm so scared that you will see
All the weakness inside of me
I'm so scared of letting go
That the pain I've hid will show

I know you want to hear me speak
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop

I want you to know
You belong in my life
I love the hope
I see in your eyes
For you I would fly
At least I would try
For you I'll take
The last flight out

I'm afraid that
You will leave
As my secrets
Have been revealed
In my dreams
You'll always stay
Every breathing moment from now

I know you want to hear me speak
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop


I cannot hold back
The truth no more
I let you wait too long
Although it's hard and scares me so
A life without you scares me more


Run To You
Dan Muckala, Jess Cates

Sometimes when the world
Gets so cold
And my heard
Is fifteen below
And I feel like I'm
So far from home
I run to you

When life doesn't
Go like planned
So confused and
I don't understand
It's hard 'cause
It's out of my hands
And this is what i do
When I got
Nothing left to give

I run to you
When I can't find my way
And I get lost in you
When I don't have the faith
When I don't know what to do
I feel I can't make it through
I run to you

So it goes, every life has some rain
Everyone's gotta deal with some pain
But I know how to make it ok
I tell you what I do
When my back's
Up to the wall you know


You are my light
You're my everything
In a place of chaos you're the
One thing that brings me peace
I'll give my heart, I'll give my all
When I'm beat down
You're always standin' tall

I run to you
I'm so lost in you
When I need you
Oh I need you


Nathan Walters, Gabriel Combs, Nate Cole,
Ty Lacey, Bradley Spalter, Michael Norfleet

If the tears
Should ever cloud your eyes
If the rain
Should ever darken
The skies above you
You'll be alright
'Cause I'm here, I'm here
And I'll turn your
Grey skies back to blue
'Cause there's nothing
I won't do for you

Just a whisper away
I'm closer to you
Than the air that you breathe
Believe me it's true
I will never leave you
I promise to you
Forever, forever we will be

If tomorrow
Feels like a lonely room
Without someone
There holding you
Know you'll be alright
I'll be at your side
At your side
Hold on tight
You know I'll never be too far
'Cause I wrote this promise on your heart

Whenever you're
Stranded in the cold
Remember my love's an overcoat
I'm here to keep you
Safe in my arms
Where you belong


Whenever you're afraid
I'll be your hiding place
I won't be late for you


Here In My Heart
Jason Derlatka, Hollye Leven

Wherever you are tonight
I'll see you in my dreams
Wherever I go tomorrow
You'll be here next to me

And though we are a world apart
I know you'll never be that far

'Cause here in my heart
There's a picture of us
Together forever
Unfaded and unbroken
Wherever you are
Your love covers me
Forever more you'll be
Here in my heart

Whenever I miss you so much
It's more than I can bear
I won't cry, I'll just close my eyes
And know you'll be there

Your kiss and your touch
I'll never forget
'Cause you're as close
As my very next breath


My Friend
Phil Sillas, Stephanie Lewis

We are standing at the crossroads
And now it's time
For you to go your way
And me to go mine
I will pray the Lord
Will keep you safe
Until the day I see your face again

My friend
We have been through so much
And you have been my Godsend
With your sure and steady love
My friend
You know I will be there
If you ever need
'Cause you've always
Been a friend to me

I may travel the world over
But one thing I know for sure
One day this road will lead me
Back 'round to your door
I will pray the Lord
Will keep you safe
Some bonds are just too strong
To break in the end


Nothing will change the way
I feel about you
Not the miles or the years
Or the place this life takes me to