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Old updates

Here are some old updates that used to be on the front page.


Hey PlusOne Fanz!
I put all of the old updates on another page, if you want to look at them, go to the link "Old Updates" on your left! Only 16 more days till PlusOne's new album, Obvious releases into stores! Did you pre-buy it in order to get the free DVD? If not, you better hurry and do so! I found a OBVIOUS Promo site - Check it out! Besides that, nothing else to update. I haven't heard any more about the new album. How many of you have gone to one of the PlusOne Listening Parties? I went to the February 2nd one, in Dallas. It was awesome, and I'm telling you, You all are going to LOVE the new album. Only 16 more days.. 16...

Love, Peace, and PLUSONE,
Nearly 2 months later, I'm back with updates! Sorry so late. The Holidays have kept me busy, then school started back up and all, so I've been quite busy.

FEBRUARY 26th 2002!
The final release date! It's coming so soon! I'm already counting down the days! Seems like a long time, but it's coming very quickly.

PlusOne listening parties are starting. I have the dates and places listed in the Tour Dates Section. PlusOne also has a behind-the-scenes DVD coming out. I'm not sure when. I'll let ya'll know ASAP. I'm also going to try to get more pages going, so you might see some changes in the next few days. PlusOneOnline has clips from their new album here: ... I'll try to get them on here as soon as possible, also. Um, Just check out the rest of the pages, I've tried to update them as much as possible. We're also about to reach 1000 visits to PlusOneFanz4Ever! Isn't that awesome? Keep telling your friends about the site and PlusOne!

Love, Peace, n PLUSONE,


Hey All, Updates comin your way!
PlusOne is going on their Spring Tour with ZOEGirl, Natalie Grant, and Special Guest Phat Chance. Gabe is producing one of the songs on the new album called "Start To Fly". He's working hard on it!! Also, The new Natalie Grant/PlusOne is picking up on the charts! Make sure you get a chance to hear it! The CHILD OF THE PROMISE tour has been canceled for this year due to the September 11th tragedy. Please keep everyone from this event in your prayers still. I also updated the tour dates.. take a look at em. =) That's all for now.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Luv, Peace N PlusOne, Jen

I know, I know! Been forever! I'm so so sorry!! Anyways, here it is!


The PlusOne book came out awhile back... sorry I didn't let ya'll know. But you can find it at your local Christian Bookstore. I've seen it, and it's pretty awesome. :) Good Gift Idea!

Fan Mail for PlusOne will no longer be accepted for the safety of our guys. Because of all that is happening in the USA, they decided to stop allowing Fan Mail to be recieved through Snail-Mail. The only way you will be able to send the guys your letters is through e-mail. All mail besides checks to the Red Cross or subscriptions to the PlusOne Fan Club WILL BE DESTROYED. If you want to e-mail them, the e-mail addresses are below.

The appearance of PlusOne on the Early Show was cancelled. They are going to re-schedule it.

PlusOne is in LA this week recording new music for their new album that is planned for February 27th. Anyone else who can't wait for it??!! Next week they are going to NYC to do some photo shoots for the next album, isn't that awesome?!

The first single for their new album will be released in JANUARY. Seems like awhile, but it'll go by fast... I hope so anyways! LoL!

I'll try to post more updates throughout the days because PlusOne Online is going to be releasing more info about their new album over the next few days. Can't wait!

Love, Peace, and PLUSONE,

I'm so sorry I have not posted any info in over a month. Everything has been real busy- school starting, extra curricular activities starting, and more. I come to you all today asking for your praying with all that happend in New York City, USA. For those of you who don't know what happend, 4 airplanes were hijacked. 2 went into the World Trade Center, making both towers collapse. Another one crashed into the Pentagon, and the other crashed somewhere in PA, not injuring anyone except for the people on the plane. New York City is in horrible condition at this time. At this time, they do not know how many people died. But on a regular day, like today, there are usually 50,000 workers in the 110 story buildings. The people who have done this to the United States is Afghanistan. After they bombed us, they danced around in the streets, celebrating. This makes me sick how they could do something like this! How could they!? Please pray for everyone who lost someone special, pray for those who were killed, that they hopefully knew Christ, Our Lord, and went to Heaven. Also pray for the Osama Bin Laden and all the people in Afghanistan, that they would come to know our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank-you.

Onto the PlusOne updates, PlusOne has a "backstage pass" book coming out soon. I will post more details when I know more. had trouble figuring out who the winner of the contest was, but they will figure it out soon, and contact the winner. also has about 50 new pictures in the photo albums, check em out. Kewl pics! Towards the end of October, PlusOne will be heading back to Asia to see all of you fans over there! I hope you all get to go to a concert while you can!

I'll post more updates soon. Check back often! Love, Jenn


Hello Fellow PlusOne Fanatics!
Last night I went to another concert, and they were talking about their new CD. Jeremy said they are hoping to have the release date to be February 27, 2002! I know, It seems like forever, but it's not THAT far away! Also, I got the guestbook set up. Please sign the guestbook!!
Hey Ya'll!
Sorry itz been so long! I've been real busy this summer. Here are some updates on PlusOne...
SOUL TATTOO has been released as the new single. 16,094 fans voted SOUL TATTOO for the next single!! Radio Disney has started playing HERE IN MY HEART on the radio. We need YOU to call them and request the song, so it will stay on the air. Also, let them know what you think of the song! *1-888-ears-018* PlusOne will be touring with Jessica Simpson and Eden's Crush this summer and I think throughout the fall. I will get concert dates up ASAP. They will also be with the CHILD OF THE PROMISE tour. The LAST FLIGHT OUT contest on is over and 1 lucky person is going to spend the day with PlusOne! LAST! BUT NOT LEAST!!!! BBIIGG NEWS! PlusOne's next album is to be released in the spring of 2002! I, myself, can't wait for it! How am I going to pass the time?!?! hehe! Well, that's all I have for now! God Bless! -JeNN


You Guys,
I AM SO SORRY! The server will not let me in to edit my web site anymore, So this is basically the same site, just a different addy. :) But anyways, here are some updates!

PlusOne is trying to pick their next single, and they want YOU to help! Go to and vote! Soul Tattoo is in the lead by..well....ALOT! LOL! Keep voting!
Zoog Disney is also hosting a "Last Flight Out" contest. *14 and UNDER* For those of you who didn't get to participate in singing with PlusOne, here is your chance to get to hang out with them! go to to enter! also has new pictures on the biographies! Check em out! Well, that's all I have for now. I'll have more later! ~*JeNN*~